Learning Provider Bulletin - June 2015

LP Portal System Enhancements Update

26 June 2015

The following system enhancements have been made to the LP Portal on Sunday June 28th 2015.

Detailed Learner Information View- Users will be able to open and view the learner information, assessment information, and current payment schedule and attendance sections of the screen at the same time.

Display Withdrawal Date- The effective date of a withdrawal will be displayed on the assessment summary screen.

Display Number of Learners- The total number of learners returned in a search will be displayed in all instances; previously the number was displayed only for searches where there were over 25 results.

Remittance Report Export- The remittance report will now be available for export via CSV in addition to XML.

Further details can be found in the attached document.

LP Portal System Enhancements June 2015
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