Funding Information Partner Account Managers

Our Funding Information Partner Account Managers deliver information and guidance on the learner application process:

Stephen Jones

Phone: 07795 603 573

Covering: North West England and North Wales.


Stacey-May Fox

Covering: South West England and South Wales

Phone: 07815 602 225 

Kevin McMullan

Covering: North East England, Lancashire and Cumbria, Yorkshire and Humberside.

Phone: 07917 554 295

Ben Rutter

Covering: North London and surrounding areas, East of England.

Phone: 07554 458 871

Charmaine Valente

Covering: South East England.

Phone: 0777 428 1355

Ahmar Ehsan

Covering: East Midlands, West Midlands.

Phone: 07824 451 781

Phil Lynes

Funding Information Partner Account Manager for Wales

Phil works with schools and partners throughout Wales. As a fluent Welsh speaker he is happy to assist schools, colleges and organisations who prefer to communicate in the Welsh language.

Phone: 07966 901 397