Learning Provider Services

Providing administration support for the Advanced Learner Loan

Student Loans Company provides administration services to Learning Providers in support of the Advanced Learner Loan. The Learning Provider Portal is a secure site that has been developed to facilitate the service.

As Learning Providers who are approved by the Education & Skills Funding Agency to deliver loans, the Portal will allow you to:

  • View details of learners who have applied for Advanced Learner Loans;
  • Confirm a learner's ongoing attendance, in order to release payment of their loan;
  • Complete change of circumstance notifications;
  • Import bulk information, for both confirmations of attendance and changes of circumstance;
  • Make use of a full set of financial reports;
  • Export data to your own systems.

You can find useful information to help you get familiar with the Learning Provider Portal in our user guides and eLearning materials.