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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – May 2022

Our May bulletin has information about preparing for launch, Learning Provider Portal training and more.


Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – March 2022

Our March bulletin has information about Learning Provider Portal training, account reviews, ESFA funding contracts for the next academic year and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – February 2022

Our February bulletin has information about the January performance management review point, repayment thresholds and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – January 2022

Our January bulletin has information about attendance confirmation deadlines, academic year allocations and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – December 2021

Our December bulletin has information about forum presentation slides, festive opening hours and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – November 2021

Our November bulletin has information about Advanced Learner Loans Service Review Forums and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – October 2021

Our October bulletin has information about LP Regional Service Review Forums, the October performance management review point and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – September 2021

Our September bulletin has information about attendance confirmations, changing learner start dates, loan allocation monitoring and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – August 2021

Our August bulletin has information about adherence to the service standards, interest and repayment thresholds, changing a learner's end date and more.

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