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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – April 2021

Our April bulletin has information about the May fixed quarter drawdown deadline, Adult Education Budget funding changes and repayment threshold changes.


Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – March 2021

Our March bulletin has information about ESFA funding contracts and rules, the ALL online application service for AY 2021/22, upcoming LP Portal training and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – February 2021

Our February bulletin has information about ALL funding and performance management rules, GDPR erasures and a new-look website.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – January 2021

Our January bulletin has information about growth requests and attendance confirmation deadlines.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – December 2020

Our December bulletin has information about National Skills Fund changes and festive closing hours.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – November 2020

Our November bulletin has information about historical attendance confirmations, Change of Circumstance notifications, ALL Service Review forums and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – September 2020

Our September bulletin has information about loan allocation monitoring, Learning Aims Service redesign, verification of National Insurance numbers and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – August 2020

Our August bulletin has information about adherence to the service standards, learning provider virtual forums, updating contract manager details and more.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – July 2020

Our July bulletin has information about the online application service for AY 2020/21, recent policy changes, loan facility increases and more.

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