Advanced Learner Loan Bulletin – January 2020

January's ALL bulletin

16 January 2020

Enhancements to the Learning Provider Portal

Based on feedback from learning providers, several enhancements have been made to the Learning Provider Portal:

Learning Aim CoC - select multiple learners

You can now change the course end date for post-liability applications without having to process a Learning Aim CoC for every individual learner. Currently, only the Fee Charge CoC can be submitted for multiple applications in one go. This functionality will now be extended to the Learning Aim CoC.

Attendance pop-up allows future Not In Attendance submission

Within the pop-up in the attendance worklist, you were able to submit attendance records of Not in Attendance for future records where previous attendances remain at 'awaiting confirmation'. To prevent this, when attempting to confirm an attendance record for future attendances, the pop-up will be changed automatically back to Awaiting Confirmation until the previous records are changed.

For more in-depth information you can view the latest system updates on the System Information webpage.

January Learning Provider Portal training events

We have a limited number of places left at our portal training events taking place in January. These events are designed for new learning providers working with the Student Loans Company, new members of staff at an existing provider, staff who are new to an Advanced Learner Loan role or anyone requiring a refresher. 
The training events provide an opportunity to receive training on business-to-business processes and the Learning Provider (LP) Portal with a specific focus on the administration of Loans and LP Portal functionality. 
Training will take place on following dates and locations:
  • Newcastle - 28 January 2020
  • London - 30 January 2020
You can find more information on the SLC events website

Growth Requests - Performance Management Point 2

On 10 January 2020, additional funding was made available on the portal for those providers who were eligible at the November growth window. ESFA advised learning providers of the outcome and additional funds were awarded in late December.

Those providers who are required to submit a statement of assurance to SLC to support their growth should do so as a matter of urgency; the statements were due by 10 January.

Partners Support Desk

The information below shows the changes that can be made by contacting the Partners Support Desk. Where a Y appears in both sections we do not require a follow-up email as the query will be addressed during the call.

PSD actions                                                                    Call        Email

Reinstatement - cancelled by provider                                   Y            Y

Reinstatement - cancelled by learner                                     Y*          Y*

Reinstatement - auto cancelled missing evidence                    N           N

Reinstatement - auto cancelled no attendance confirmation      Y           Y

Reinstatement - auto cancelled missing ULN                            Y           Y

CoC - pre-liability                                                                  Y           Y

CoC - post-liability                                                                N            Y


*Requires clear notes indicating that the learner requires the application