Advanced Learner Loan Bulletin – July 2018

09 July 2018

Enhancements to the Learning Provider Portal

Based on feedback from Learning Providers two enhancements have been made to the Learning Provider Portal.

Deletion of applications from the CoC work list – If a user selects multiple learners and submits the same change of circumstances from the CoC work list, the application details will now be automatically be removed from the work list.

Loan Facility Details page – The Contract End Date for the Learning Provider will now be displayed.

Updating Contract Manager Details on the Learning Provider Portal

The Learning Provider Details tab on the portal displays the Contract Manager details SLC has received from the ESFA. We request that you check his information is correct.

If there are any updates required, please first, ensure that your details are up to date on the UKRLP website then send the ESFA an email, cc'ing your ESFA Provider Manager, with the correct information.

Please ensure to include your Provider Name and UKPRN in the email, and use 'Contract Manager Update' as the subject line.

 Portal Contacts

We would like to remind you about the importance of maintaining correct contact and user information on the portal. This is to ensure that business-critical information is relayed to the nominated primary and secondary contacts. Where changes do occur, it is your responsibility to update the information held on the portal accordingly.

Full guidance on maintaining contact and user information can be found in the user guide.

Learners starting in 2019/20

The Government has announced that EU nationals (and their family members) starting courses in England in the 2019/20 academic year, will remain eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan for the duration of their learning aim, providing they meet the existing residency requirement.