Advanced Learner Loan Bulletin – June 2019

June's ALL Bulletin

10 June 2019

Enhancements to the Learning Provider Portal

We have made several enhancements to the Learning Provider Portal based on your feedback.

Learning Provider Details

We've added an option to the Contacts tab that allows you to hide inactive contacts.

Learner Search Screen

We've added the option to search using the Application ID to all screens where you can perform a search for a learner.

Learner Search Results

If you search for a learner, the results will include the Application ID. This will be displayed as a hyperlink which will take you to the Detailed Learner Information screen if clicked.

Cancelled: Auto – Missing ULN

Where an application has been at this work stage for 60 days or less and the ULN is subsequently captured, the application will be automatically reinstated and set to 'Approved'.

If the application has been at this work stage for more than 60 days, then a message will appear advising you to contact us and request that the application is reinstated.

Detailed Learner Information Screen > Current Payment Schedule and Attendance tab

Where an application is pre-liability, a warning message will appear on the Payment Schedule and Attendance tab to advise that setting the first attendance confirmation to 'Not in Attendance' will automatically cancel the application:

"Warning! Setting initial Attendance Confirmation to ‘Not In Attendance’ will automatically cancel the application."

Withdrawal Instruction

When a learner appears on the attendance work list and it transpires that the learner needs to be withdrawn, often providers mark the learner as 'Not in Attendance' and then submit the withdrawal Change of Circumstance. However, we have found that some providers are not aware that there are outstanding payments due.

In this scenario, it is necessary to firstly check the date of withdrawal to establish if any further payments are due. If so, you should confirm attendance to release the payment and then submit the withdrawal Change of Circumstance to ensure that no future payments are made.

AY 2019/20 Allocation Guidance

The ESFA has published guidance regarding how your Advanced Learner Loan facility and bursary (if applicable) is calculated which may be helpful to you.

New Team Members

Following the departure of Lucy Marwood and Toni Miles Macdonald from the team, we have recruited two new FE Account Managers to cover the Central and North regions, both of whom will be joining us next month. We will be in touch in due course to introduce them to you.