Advanced Learner Loan Bulletin – November 2019

November's ALL bulletin

12 November 2019

November learning provider events: limited places remaining

We have a limited number of places left at our provider events later this month. The events will focus on the collaborative working practices between the learning provider, SLC and ESFA. The focus will be on optimising provider interaction, attendance management, financial monitoring, growth, data returns and complex administration scenarios.

These are interactive sessions with a chance to share experience, knowledge and to gain a better understanding of how others work alongside the areas of interest to you. You can register on our events website. 

Enhancements to the Learning Provider Portal

Based on feedback from learning providers several enhancements have been made to the Learning Provider Portal:

  • changes to the filter in the Attendance Worklist
  • changes to the Results Page in the Attendance Worklist
  • a new pop-up in the Attendance Worklist

For more in-depth information, follow this link to view the latest system updates on the LP Services website.

Learner text messages pilot

Following the success of the text message pilot we have been running since June, this will be rolled out to include all learners from November onwards. A text message will be sent to your learners after the drawdown date each month to advise them that a payment will be made to their learning provider the following Wednesday.

The text message will read:

#FirstName#, your next loan payment will be sent to your college or training provider on **/month. For more information visit

November Attendance Confirmation

The November fixed attendance confirmations are due by Thursday 14 November. Please ensure you have processes in place to meet the service standard requirements (85% of all subsequent attendance confirmations should be confirmed by the drawdown date).

November Performance Management Review Point

As per the ESFA Funding Rules, providers are due to be notified of the outcome of the November review point week commencing 9 December. Those providers that are awarded an increase to their loan facility will be sent an updated contract that you must digitally sign before ESFA will notify us.

The facility increase will only be reflected on the Learning Provider Portal once the file has been sent by ESFA.

Regional Restructure

Following the appointment of Jon Legg and Lee McCrimmon-Harvey to the account management team, we have reviewed the regions that each account manager covers and we have made some amendments to ensure there is a fair balance.

Follow this link to see the region map on our LP Services website.