Advanced Learner Loan Bulletin – October 2019

October's ALL bulletin

09 October 2019

Loan allocation monitoring

Providers are responsible for monitoring their loan allocation to ensure that they don’t exceed it. If you exceed your allocation the ESFA will request that we put a block on any new applications being approved.

The financial reports available through the Learning Provider Portal enable you to monitor your loan allocation, you can find more information in our quick guides on the quick guides webpage.

Learning providers will no longer bid to the ESFA for increases to their loan facility. Providers will be assessed for growth through three desk-based reviews, that will take place in August, November and March. Funds will be increased if certain criteria are met. Learning providers that do not meet the criteria but have an exceptional case are required to raise a case with their territorial team lead ahead of the review point. 

You can find the Advanced learner loans: funding rules 2019 to 2020 on the GOV.UK website. 

Register now for ALL learning provider events in November 2019

Registration for our learning provider events is now open. These Learning Provider events will focus on the collaborative working practices between the learning provider, SLC and the ESFA. They offer an opportunity to share knowledge and gain a detailed insight into the operational policy, systems and resources that support Advanced Learner Loans.

One of planned sessions during the event will focus on burning questions from the sector. There has been a survey created for you to ask what you've always wanted to ask regarding ALL, so please submit your questions here.

You can find more information and register for the learning provider events on the SLC events website


Changing a learner's end date

The learner's end date can only be changed before the end date has passed and not after the completion date of the course. Providers should check the learner's application details, including the end date, are correct before the initial attendance is confirmed, and while the learner is in learning. 

Attendance confirmation

Any outstanding attendance confirmations must be submitted by close of business on 10 October to ensure payment on 16 October. Please check that your learner’s details are correct and up to date, especially if it is an initial attendance confirmation that you are submitting. 

If there are any changes to a learner’s circumstances these will also need to be actioned by 10 October. For more guidance please refer to the attendance confirmation quick guide on the quick guide webpage.

Contact and user details on the portal

We ask that as a primary or secondary portal contact, you ensure all portal information is kept up to date in terms of contacts and user roles. If it is no longer appropriate for an individual to receive our communications, their record should be deactivated. 

All colleagues who have access to the portal should have the correct user roles and if they no longer require access to the portal these users should be expired.

You can find more information on how to do this in the Adding a new contact quick guide on the quick guide webpage.