Don't be left out in the cold... take action to return our Service and GDPR Agreements

17 October 2018

We emailed all primary and secondary contacts registered on the Learning Provider Portal over summer with copies of our Service and GDPR Agreements to sign and return.

It is important that these are returned as a matter of urgency in order for you to retain your access rights to the Learning Provider Portal.

Please ensure that your Learning Provider has signed and returned our agreements to

Many thanks to the majority of Learning Providers who have already returned their agreements.

About the agreements

We are asking you to sign and return two documents.

GDPR Agreement. This is a legal document that requires a signature from someone with the appropriate level of authority at your institution. We require this document in order to continue to share information with you.

Service Agreement. This is a template agreement that outlines the roles and responsibilities of SLC and your organisation, including the service standards that need to be adhered to.

Returns and Queries

If you have any questions regarding these documents or wish to discuss them further please get in touch with us at