Learning Provider Bulletin - April 2018

19 April 2018

Practitioners Website

The 2018/19 Learning and Funding Information letter, updated factsheets, quick guides and further guidance are now available on the Practitioners website. You can find them at the following link: www.practitioners.slc.co.uk/supporting-materials.

Learning Provider Seminars 2018

Registration is open for our Learning Provider Seminars that we will be running on select dates between 26 April - 30 May. For more information on the content of the seminars and details on how to register your place, please visit our Events Registration Website.

Reminder to check the end date of learners' courses

You are reminded to check the end dates of your learners' courses are correct on the Portal. If a course end date has altered since a learner made their application then a change of circumstances can be performed to amend the end date. However, you can only submit the change of circumstances before the original end date has passed. If the original end date has passed you will not be able to change it as we will have paid the term of the loan and no further action is required.

Portal Contacts

We ask that you ensure all Portal information is kept up to date, in terms of contacts and user roles, in your capacity as a Primary or Secondary Portal contact. If it is no longer appropriate for an individual to receive our communications, please deactivate their record. Please assign the correct user roles to all colleagues who have access to the Portal and expire the records of those who no longer require access.

Full guidance on maintaining contact and user information can be found in the user guide on the Learning Provider Services website.