Learning Provider Bulletin August 2017

16 August 2017

Enhancements to the Learning Provider Portal

Based on feedback from Learning Providers the following enhancements have recently been added to the Learning Provider Portal:

  • Filters for the "Start Date From" and "Start Date To", and "End Date From” and “End Date To" have been added to the Learner Search screen. This will allow providers to filter applications at a particular work stage for a specific academic year
  • The date when an application was auto cancelled will now be displayed on the assessment history page within the Detailed Learner Information screen
  • The date when an application was auto cancelled will now be shown within the Learner Information CSV export
  • The date when an application was withdrawn will now be shown within the Learner Information CSV export.

Upcoming Enhancement to the Learning Provider Portal

In September the following enhancement is planned for the Learning Provider Portal:

  • Post liability learners that have outstanding attendance confirmations for 12 months will be automatically withdrawn. The withdrawal date will be the last date attendance was confirmed, this could be either an actual or assumed attendance.

Providers should review their outstanding attendance confirmations and either confirm them or submit the appropriate change of circumstance to withdraw or suspend the application.

We’ll let you know when this enhancement is released.

Loan Allocation Monitoring

Providers are responsible for monitoring their loan allocation to ensure that they don’t exceed it. If a provider exceeds their allocation the ESFA will request that SLC put a block on any new applications being approved.

The financial reports available through the Learning Provider Portal enable you to monitor your loan allocation, but if you have any questions on how to use the reports please get in contact with your FE Account Manager who will be able to help.

The ESFA’s 17/18 Funding Rules sets out the time table providers should follow if they wish to submit a growth request. This can be found here, along with the presentation used in the recent ESFA webinars.

Learning Provider Training Events

SLC recently issued a ‘save the date’ notice for the training events which will run in October and November.

The events are designed for new Learning Providers working with the SLC, new members of staff at an existing provider, staff who are new to an Advanced Learner Loan role or anyone requiring a refresh.

We will be in contact when registration for the events opens in early September.


Changing a Learner's end date
The learner's end date can only be changed before the end date has passed and not after the completion date of the course. Providers should check the learner's application details, including the end date, are correct before the initial attendance is confirmed, and whilst the learner is in learning.

Learning Provider mergers
If your organisation is merging with another Learning Provider please contact your FE Account Manager as soon as possible. SLC will then advise you with regards to the administrative tasks that will need to be completed to ensure learners are transferred onto the correct UKPRN and payments are made into the correct bank account going forward.

Providers should be completing a withdrawal for any learner that will not be returning to learning. If there are any learners that have been suspended more than 12 months they will now automatically be withdrawn with an effective date of the learner’s suspension.

Contact and user details on the portal

We ask that as a Primary or Secondary portal contact, you ensure all portal information is kept up to date in terms of contacts and user roles. If it is no longer appropriate for an individual to receive our communications, their record should be deactivated. All colleagues who have access to the portal should have the correct user roles and if they no longer require access to the portal these users should be expired.

Full guidance on maintaining contact and user information can be found in the user guide on the Learning Provider Services website.

Colleagues in our Partners Support Desk will be available to answer any queries you may have on the enhancements as well as any day to day operational queries including individual learner queries, application processing queries, payment queries and system issues. They can be contacted on 0300 100 0643 or by emailing lpservices@slc.co.uk. Please remember you have to be registered as a named contact on the Learning Provider Portal to contact our Partners Support Desk.