Learning Provider Bulletin December 2017

06 December 2017

Enhancements to the Learning Provider Portal

Based on feedback from Learning Providers we recently added the following enhancement to the Learning Provider Portal:

  • Attendance Worklist: The Attendance Status filter will automatically default to 'All'.
  • Assessment Information: Within the Detailed Learner Information screen, the Assessment Information will allow providers to view all ‘Application States’ and the dates they were first put into that state.

Upcoming Enhancement to the Learning Provider Portal

We continue to work on the enhancement to the Loan Position Report which involves a review of the level of information shown regarding the funding allocation from ESFA.

We have put together a quick guide which contains information on the new Loan Facility Details page within the Financial Homes tab. The guide details how the ‘Loan Facility Amount Used’ figure is calculated considering all payments that have been paid or scheduled to be paid. The Loan Facility Details quick guide can be found here.

Service Review Forums

The regional forum programme will commence during December 2017 and continue until the beginning of February 2018. Registration is now open! For more information, please visit our Events Registration Website at www.events-slc.co.uk