Learning Provider Bulletin - June 2018

13 June 2018

Learning Provider Seminar Programme 2018

The Learning Provider Seminar Programme for 2018 is now complete. Thank you to those of you who attended: we hope you found them useful. We will be using your invaluable feedback to help inform our content for 2019.

We have published the plenary and workshop slides for you to view.

ESFA Funding & Performance Management Rules 2018/19

The recently updated rules now include reference to the performance management points. In 2018/19, there will be two opportunities to request growth to your loan facility; the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) will publish the request forms on 14 September 2018 and 15 February 2019. As part of the criteria, the ESFA will ask the SLC to confirm that you are compliant with our service standards.

You can view the full guidance document on the UK Government website.

Service and GDPR Agreement

We are in the process of issuing individual service and GDPR agreements to the primary and secondary contacts at each of our providers. We will continue to issue these over the next couple of weeks. Please look out for our email in your inbox if you have not yet received it.

The Service Agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of SLC and Learning Providers as well as documenting all KPIs and service standards to which we need to adhere. The template has been reviewed by the Advanced Learner Loan Stakeholder Group.

As part of the changes to the GDPR regulation we are required to clarify our position as a Data Controller. Therefore we have also drafted the GDPR Agreement which outlines our roles and responsibilities under GDPR to our Learning Providers.

We request you to read through these agreements and sign to confirm you are happy with the contents. You can view the templates for both agreements now.

If you have any questions about the service and GDPR agreements please get in touch with us at GDPR_Partner_Services@slc.co.uk.

Learner Password Reset via Text Message

Learners are now able to reset their online account password via the gov.uk website. A verification code will be sent to the learner's mobile via SMS which they can then use to access their account and reset their password.

Portal Contacts

We would like to remind you about the importance of maintaining correct contact and user information on the portal. This is to ensure that business critical information is relayed to the nominated primary and secondary contacts. Where changes do occur, it is your responsibility to update the information held on the portal accordingly.

Full guidance on maintaining contact and user information can be found in the user guide.