Learning Provider Bulletin - March 2018

12 March 2018

Payment Instalment Report

Two recent enhancements to the Payment Instalment Report mean that Learning Providers are now able to view the Payment Instalment Report by Learning Aim Start Year by using the drop down menu. The report will capture all applications for each Learning Provider which are starting (Academic Year Intent Start Date) within that Academic Year, and show all scheduled payments associated with the application. The data captured for this will span a maximum of 48 months. Step by step instructions can be found in our updated Learning Provider Portal User Guide.

Learning Providers are now also able to generate a CSV Report from the filter screen when searching on the Learning Aim View of the Payment Instalment Report.

Remittance Report

The Remittance Report has been amended so that Learning Providers are now able to view negative and positive amounts. Two new columns labelled 'Positive Payment Amount' and 'Negative Payment Amount' are displayed.

Fee Charged Change of Circumstance

An enhancement released at the weekend prevents Learning Providers from submitting a fee charged Change of Circumstance that would result in a negative payment which could not be retrieved in the next payment run. If the fee is reduced by a figure greater than the amount due in the next payment, a message will advise that it is not possible to process the change and direct the Learning Provider to the Partner Services Support Desk. This enhancement was recently discussed at the Service Review Forums.

Service Review Forums

The regional service review forum programme is now complete. Thank you to those that attended and contributed. We have now published the slides on the LP Services website.

Repayment Threshold Change

From 6 April 2018 the repayment threshold for borrowers who started their course on or after 1 September 2012 (Plan 2) is expected to change. This will apply to all Advanced Learner Loan borrowers. The repayment threshold is expected to change to £25,000 a year (£2,083 a month or £480 a week). This change is currently subject to parliamentary approval.

Learning Provider Seminars

We are currently planning our annual seminar programme and will issue a ‘save the date’ shortly. We are aiming to hold seminars throughout April and May, so look out for more communication on this in the coming weeks.

Digital Signatures

The SLC Board has approved the progression to Digital Signatures for a range of products following a detailed risk assessment. We will provide you with a further update on the implementation of 'e-signatures' in due course. However, it is unlikely that we will be able to implement 'e-signatures' for Advanced Learner Loan for AY 18/19.