Applications Go Live For 24+ Advanced Learning Loans

09 April 2013

The 24+ Advanced Learning Loans system is now live and operational and we are ready to receive and process loan applications.

As you are aware, this is a new type of loan for learners aged 24 or over (no upper age limit) who are starting a course for Level 3 or 4 FE qualifications on or after 1st August 2013.  To be eligible for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan, learners must be resident in the UK on the first day of their course. The loans are not means-tested (income is not taken into account) and there is no credit check.

Please advise eligible students that, following confirmation of their course place, they can now apply online at

(Applications forms can also be downloaded for printing and completion.)

In addition, full details on the 24+ Advanced Learning Loans scheme, including information on the amounts available and on the collection of repayments when the learner's income exceeds £21,000, are provided via this link. You may also wish to advise prospective applicants that when we have received their application, we will contact them to confirm this.  We will then contact them again when the processing of their application has been completed. 

Our learning resources site provides a range of communications materials which you can use to advise learners about 24+ Advanced Learning Loans.

Previously the link only enabled direct access to Student Loans Company materials but our new-look provider resources site brings together, for your convenience and ease of use, all the resources produced by SLC, the Skills Funding Agency, BIS and LSIS.