Learning Provider Bulletin - October 2014

Learning Provider Bulletin - System Enhancement Update

27 October 2014

The following two system changes will be live on Monday 27th October;

Current Payment Schedule and Attendance Export

The Learning Provider Portal has been updated with an enhancement to allow this schedule to be exported via XML or CSV for a number of learners.  Previously this was only available on screen on an individual learner basis.

Learner Online Change of Circumstance

A change has been made to the Customer Portal to allow learners who have approved paper applications, to perform online Change of Circumstances themselves via the Customer Portal.  This functionality was previously only available to online applications.  Please note, this an an additional option for learners to supply a Change of Circumstances, however there have been no changes made to the types of Changes of Circumstances learners can submit.  Please encourage learners to utilise this facility where necessary.

Learning Provider Bulletin- October 2014