Learning Provider Portal Bulletin - July 2013

What to do before the next launch of the Learning Provider Portal

31 July 2013

This bulletin is for the attention of Learning Provider administrators for 24+Advanced Learning Loans.

Since the 1st March 2013 SLC have deployed two releases of the Learning Provider Portal in addition to the application service for the 24+ Advanced Learning Loans.

This bulletin is a reminder of the tasks that you and your colleagues can complete before the next deployment takes place.


The Learning Provider Portal  

The first release in March delivered the following functions to prime providers who are approved by the Skills Funding Agency to deliver loans:

  • View details of the data held for your organisation.
  • Create users and manage user details.
  • Create and manage SLC contacts.


Applicant Information Service

In June the second release of the Learning Provider Portal was deployed which allows users to

  • View and export details of learners who have applied for courses at their organisation and the amount of loan they have applied for
  • Ability to update mandatory and non mandatory fields if required
  • Ability to submit pre liability Change of Circumstances via the portal screens and view a history of these

What You Should Do Next?

  • Read the rest of the bulletin which can be found at the bottom of this page
Learning Provider Bulletin - July 2013