Learning Provider Portal Bulletin - Notification of End of Live Testing

Notification of End of Live Testing

21 June 2013

This notice is for the attention of Learning Provider administrators for 24+Advanced Learning Loans.

SLC are pleased to confirm, on the 20th June 2013, that we have completed live testing of the Learning Provider Portal. The following functions are now available to providers who are approved by the Skills Funding Agency to deliver loans:

  • Applicant Information Service - allowing providers to view and export details of learners who have applied for courses at their organisation and the amount of loan they have applied for
  • Ability to update ULNs and non mandatory fields if required
  • Ability to Submit Change of Circumstances via the portal screens and view a history of these

What You Should Do Next

You should access the system and view details of your learner applications to date and start to perform the following actions:

  • Ensure you complete the E-Learning Material and read the user guide before using the system.
  • Begin to update learners ULN where possible as this is required before attendance can be confirmed when learners commence their course from August 2013
  • Update the non mandatory fields provided for you in order to identify learners with your own internal reference number, learners at various sub contractors or locations (only if you wish to use these, this is not a mandatory business process)
  • Ensure other colleagues at your organisation have access to the portal at the required level note: the Change of Circumstance functions have new roles which your user administrator in your organisation will be able to assign to you if required
  • Submit any change of circumstance notifications via the portal screens (not via bulk import) to correct any application details which may be incorrect e.g learner has stated an incorrect fee
  • Create other key contacts if required for your organisation detailing those colleagues who SLC can use as a point of contact for specific queries

The majority of learners will initially show as National Insurance Number (NINO) unverified as the process of sending the first batch of data to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is currently underway. You should check progress in the coming weeks on your learners National Insurance Number status as SLC are unable to make payments without this being verified.

Please note: At this time the Bulk Import Change of Circumstance functionality and Financials area / Loan Position Report is still under further development as such - this functionality should not be used. We will advise when this is ready for use - please ensure you make all users in your organisation aware of this

For more informaiton please read the bulletin below;

Learning Provider Bulletin - Notification of End of Live Testing