Learning Provider Portal Bulletin - Notification of Live Testing

10 June 2013

This bulletin is for the attention of Learning Provider administrators for 24+Advanced Learning Loans.

As of today, 10th June 2013, we have commenced live testing in the Learning Provider Portal in relation to the Applicant Information Service. This part of the system will allow providers to view and export the details of learners who have applied for courses at their college or training organisation and view details of their loan position. In addition, the service will enable providers to submit change of circumstances and view a history of these.

Please note: Whilst the live testing is being undertaken, any functions within the Applicant Information Service should not be accessed or used. We will notify you when live testing is complete and the service is available for use.

What You Should Do Next

You should ensure that any colleagues who have access to the system are aware of this information.

Support materials and resources are now available which cover this new functionality. Providers can access these at;


These materials include E-Learning modules which are a simulation of the system. Providers can use these modules and the user guide to learn and become familiar with the system.

These can also be used in any staff training you may have in place prior to us announcing that the live system is ready to be used.

What We Will Do Next

We will confirm shortly when we have completed our live testing and the functionality is available for use.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact LPServices@slc.co.uk