November fixed quarter – drawdown deadline 14 November

The November fixed quarter drawdown deadline date is 14 November.

30 October 2019

The November fixed quarter drawdown deadline date is 14 November. 

Learning providers need to make attendance confirmation submissions by Thursday 14 November to ensure they are paid on Wednesday 20 November. This will allow us to release payments for learners with a positive attendance confirmation.

If you miss the drawdown date, payment will be made the following month. 

Confirmations of non-attendance and notifications of any change of circumstance need to be submitted in accordance with the timescales detailed in our Service Standards. This will enable us to ensure learners are entering repayment at the correct time and that the funding provided is in line with their true entitlement. 

Attendance confirmation submissions can be submitted from Friday 1 November.
Please refer to our Payment and Drawdown Calendar AY 19/20 for all confirmation, drawdown and payment dates.

If you need further information about submitting your attendance confirmations, please take a look at our quick guides.