Regional Service Review Forums 2019 Change to Locations

Important changes to locations of 2019 Service Review Forums

12 November 2018

The Learning Provider Regional Service Review Forums provide LPs an opportunity to discuss the administrative requirements of Advanced Leaner Loans.

There have been locations changes to some of the events. Please take a note of the changes to locations detailed.

Dates, Locations and venues


15 January           London                    SLC/ OfS Office

15 January           Preston                    Preston’s College

16 January           London                     City of Westminster /UCG

16 January           Liverpool                   The City of Liverpool College

17 January           London                      SLC/ OfS Office

17 January           Manchester                Manchester Metropolitan University     

22 January           Somerset                  Yeovil College

23 January           Plymouth                   City College Plymouth

23 January           Norwich                     City College Norwich

24 January           Eastleigh                    Eastleigh College             

24 January           Chelmsford                 Writtle College

29 January           Brighton                     Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

29 January           Newcastle                   Newcastle College

30 January           Leeds                         Leeds City College

30 January           Bracknell                    Bracknell and Wokingham College

31 January           West Bromwich           Sandwell College


12 February        North Lincolnshire          North Lindsay College   

13 February        Coalville                        Stephenson College      

14 February        Bristol                           City of Bristol College

Attendees will have access to AY 2018/19 application trends and statistics and an overview of Learning Provider Portal enhancements, the new financial management and reporting functionality allowing users to provide feedback. Additionally together we can review the best opportunities for best practice in line with our Service Standards.

Registration will open soon and you’ll be able to find details on the Events website.

If you’d like more information please get in touch with our Events Team.