The Advanced Learner Loans 16/17 online application is now open

16 May 2016

Dear Colleagues

The Advanced Learner Loan 16/17 online application, for courses starting from the 1st August 2016, is now available to learners.  
Eligible Learners are now able to apply at  Please note the Learner will need the Learning and Funding Information Letter (LAFIL) to make the application.

Your learners will only be able to apply from 16th May if you returned your 2016/17 signed funding agreement to the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) by the end of April 2016.  If you sent your funding agreement to the SFA after that, the SFA will include you in the next monthly update to us.  You must not issue LAFILs to learners until you have returned your signed funding agreement to the SFA.

The Information Advice and Guidance resources are now available at The site provides you with information about Advanced Learner Loans and some useful tools and materials you can share with learners and staff working in your organisation. This information can also be shared with any relevant sub-contractors or 3rd-party recruitment companies. 

You will be able to view any 16/17 applications for your organisation through the Application Information Service within the Learning Provider Portal by selecting the 16/17 Academic Year drop down from the Learner Information search screen.