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Questions from learning providers

Attendance confirmations and payments

Q1: As our learners are studying remotely, tutors are not marking registers in the conventional way. Such attendance is going to be difficult to track while we are working remotely. What should we do?

A: You must continue to use best endeavours to determine the learner’s engagement when you confirm attendance. You must also agree and record the ongoing course of action in the files of the learners.

If you cannot offer or track engagement, you should submit a suspension or withdrawal in the normal manner. It depends on the circumstances which you should use.

Q2: Will we still receive fee payments as normal?

A: We will make fee payments as normal. These will be in line with your positive attendance confirmations on the Learning Provider Portal for actual and assumed months of attendance. This applies to learners continuing to engage with your learning services.

You must still submit attendance confirmations. We expect you to have adequate business continuity plans in place. These should ensure your staff can process attendance confirmations if they're working remotely.

Q3: Is there any possibility of extending the fixed quarter attendance confirmation window to give us more time to submit? It will be challenging while we are working from home.

A: There is no planned change to the deadline dates for the fixed quarters. We understand that you will have planned for the scheduled payment dates. We are keen to avoid any disruption to your payments.

To ensure we can make payments as expected, you should confirm attendance for the relevant learners ahead of the drawdown date.

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