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Questions from learning providers

Learner applications and assessments

Q1: Some of our AY 2020/21 learners have yet to apply. Will you process their applications as usual?

A: We can accept applications up to the end date of a learner's course. Learners should continue to apply through the online application system on GOV.UK

Q2: Will the COVID-19 pandemic delay the opening of the AY 2021/22 application system?

A: The AY 2021/22 application system is on track for a summer launch. We will announce the launch date in due course.

Q3: Are there any contingency plans for learners who have trouble submitting the necessary information or evidence?

A: Learners can now provide an electronic signature for AY 2020/21 applications.

Learners do not need to send evidence now if they’re not able to. Our priority is your safety and wellbeing, so please encourage them to stay at home. If learners send us evidence later than normal, we’ll make sure they do not lose out on their funding because of this. The changes made to the Applicant's Declaration of Identity Form (ADIF) process will also help to simplify the requirements on the learner. 

Q4: Are you validating National Insurance and passport numbers within the usual timescales?

A: Yes, we are processing National Insurance and passport numbers within the usual turnaround times.

Q5: Will there be any change to your service for processing applications during this period?

A: We are processing applications as normal and hope to maintain service levels as closely as possible. The teams involved in processing learner applications are working remotely. They are also supported by a small additional team of critical office-based staff.

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