Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs)

Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs)

Sometimes a learner’s circumstances change and the information on their application no longer accurately reflects their learning plan. If this happens, we need know about it as soon as possible. This will help us to ensure that payments are correct and to avoid overpayments.

We will accept Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs) from:

  • the learner directly
  • the learning provider on behalf of the learner

Once a CoC is submitted, we will process it automatically.

If you have LP Advisor or Administrator access, you can view the learner’s current and previous assessments on the Learning Provider Portal.

Change of Circumstance user roles

Only users with the following roles can access the CoC area of the Learning Provider Portal:

  • Learning Provider Change of Circumstance Administrator
  • Learning Provider Change of Circumstance Advisor

See Learning provider user roles for more information about these roles. 

The Learning Provider Portal will not let you create a CoC unless a CoC contact already exists. See Maintaining learning provider contacts for guidance on how to create and maintain your contact information.