Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Field updates by bulk import

Viewing ULN bulk import results

The system validates imported ULN data when you submit it, before applying it to learner applications. You can view details of the imported data and the submission results on the Learning Provider Portal. 

This lets you:

  • track the number of ULNs you have submitted for learners
  • track the progress
  • view where the original file is stored
  • see who submitted the file
  • check for any errors

You will need LP Administrator access view the import results.

  1. Hover over the Applicant Information Service tab to open the menu, then select Learner Information Home.
  2. Select View Import Results/ULN Details. This will open the View ULN Import Result page.

An image of the View ULN Import Result filter page

  1. Enter the start and end date range to search for, select an option from the File Import Status dropdown and select View Results. The results will appear below the search fields.
  2. Select the filename of the record you want to look at to view import results.

Any records which have not been processed will be arranged by ULN by default. You can arrange learner records by other filter headings if you prefer.

For details of error messages, see the Technical Specifications. If you need a copy please email

An image of the View ULN Import Result page with the File Import Deatils popup.

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