Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Searching and viewing learner information

Performing a search

The Learner Information page will automatically default to the Learner Search tab. If you want to search based on learning aims, select the Learning Aim Search tab.

  1. Enter your search parameters.
  2. Depending on your access level (see Learning provider user roles for more information about this), you may be able do the following:
    • view results
    • export results as an xml file
    • export results as a csv file
    • export assessment history
    • export payment schedule and attendance as an xml file
    • export payment schedule and attendance as a csv file
    • clear search

Select one of these actions to validate your search criteria. If the validation is successful, the system will show or export the results. If the validation is unsuccessful, you will get an error message.


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