Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Searching and viewing learner information

Viewing search results

Select View Results to view the search results on screen.

The results will show information at a summary level. If you want to view more detailed information, select the learner. See View detailed learner information for more details.

The search results will be ordered alphabetically by surname, but you can change this by selecting another header.

You can see the total number of records the search has found below the search results.

You will also be able to see the number of the page, along with the total number of pages the search has returned.

To view a different page of results:

  • select the page number to view that page
  • select the arrows to navigate through the pages

Entitlement Amount     

This is the amount of loan the learner is eligible for. 

We use the following information to calculate how much loan a learner is entitled to:

  • the fee amount
  • the maximum funding rate for the course
  • the loan amount the learner has requested

We will pay the lowest of the 3 amounts and this amount will be shown here.

Balance Payable            

If the fee stated on the application is more than the loan the learner has requested or is entitled to, the balance payable will show here.

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