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Current payment schedule

The Current Payment Schedule section shows the loan payment schedule for an individual learner. 

An image of the Current Payment Schedule tab open in the Detailed Learner Information page in the LP Portal.

Scheduled Payment Date

The date when the instalment has been scheduled for payment.

Actual Payment Date

The date the payment was made to your organisation.

Payment Amount

The amount that will be paid to your organisation.

Payment Status

The status of the payment:

  • scheduled
  • in progress
  • paid

Attendance Confirmation Date

The date for which you should confirm attendance.

Attendance Confirmation Status

Attendance confirmation status:

  • in attendance
  • not in attendance
  • change start date

Submitted By   

Details of the user who submitted the attendance confirmation.

We can only make a payment when:

  • we have verified the learner’s National Insurance number
  • you have entered a ULN for the learner
  • you have confirmed the learner’s attendance

You can also export the current payment schedule and attendance report for several learners in csv or xml format. 

You can see the 2 export options on the Learner Search and Learner Information Results pages:

  • export xml payment schedule and attendance
  • export csv payment schedule and attendance

The csv file contains the following headings:

  • learner surname
  • learner forename
  • learner date of birth
  • learner NINO verified
  • Unique Learner Reference Number
  • Additional Learner Reference Number
  • scheduled payment date
  • actual payment date
  • payment amount
  • payment status
  • payment pended reason
  • attendance confirmation date
  • attendance confirmation status
  • submitted by
  • auto-cancelled reason
  • learning aim description

The csv file has one row for each scheduled payment, so you will have multiple rows for most learners. The data is ordered alphabetically by learner surname.

Details of the xml export are defined in the Current Payment Schedule and Attendance Export Schema. If you need a copy please email

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