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View detailed learner information

View detailed learner information

After you have completed a search and viewed the summary results on screen, you can drill down into individual learner records.

The Detailed Learner Information page gives you more information about a learner’s application. If you are an LP Administrator, you can also update their ULN and other fields.

If you have the Attendance Administrator role, you will also be able to confirm a learner’s attendance from this page – see Detailed Learner Information page confirmation for more information.

To view the Detailed Learner Information page, select the learner from the search results page.

An image of the Detailed Learner Information page in the LP Portal.

The Detailed Learner Information page is split into several sections.

Learner Information

This section has the learner's personal information.

Assessment Information

This section has details about current and historical assessments of the learner’s application.

Current Payment Schedule

This section has details of the learner’s loan payment schedule.

You can view all 3 sections at the same time if you select the Expand All button.

Learner information

You will not be able to change most of the information in the Learner Information section.

The exceptions are the Unique Learner Number (ULN) and the Additional Learner Reference Number (ALRN). See Field updates for more information on how to update these.

If the learner wants to amend any other personal information such as their address, they need to contact Student Finance England on 0300 100 0619.

Assessment information

The Assessment Information section shows current and historical assessment information. This is split as follows:

  • current application state, effective date and history
  • current assessment
  • assessment history

An image of the Detailed Learner Information page in the LP Portal, with the Assessment Information tab open.

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