Published: 28/05/2024

Advanced Learner Loan bulletin - April 2024

LP Portal training events

We’ll be hosting a series of face-to-face training events throughout May. The events are suitable for new providers, new staff or those who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge.

The events will be held in:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Exeter
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield

The sessions will run from 10am to 3:30pm, with lunch and refreshments provided. The cost for attending the event is £110 plus VAT per person and you can find full details on our Events website.

Reverse withdrawal requests

We’ve noticed an increase in requests for reverse withdrawals via our Partners Support Desk. As withdrawals are final, this should be a rare occurrence. Account Managers will now be advised of any requests before any changes are processed on the portal. We’ll review requests on a case-by-case basis and these may be rejected.

Bulk imports

We’ve reviewed the bulk import guidance and will publish this in due course. In the meantime, if you wish to trial this, please get in touch and I will send you the guidance documents for Unique Learner Numbers (ULN) and Attendance Importing.

2024/25 online application service launch date

The Advanced Learner Loans application service will open Monday 10 June 2024 for new learners starting their course on or after 1 August 2024. Please ensure that you do not issue Learning & Funding Information Letters (LAFILs) before this date.
When you issue Learning and Funding Information Letters to learners, please check that the learning aim is approved for funding in academic year 2024/25. Please let learners know that they can only submit applications once the service launches. We'll mark any applications submitted before this as ineligible.

ESFA has updated the LAFIL template for this year. You can view and download the LAFIL template from GOV.UK. 

Loan facility contract 2024/25

Your learners will only be able to apply once the service launches if you've digitally signed and returned your academic year 2024/25 loans contract to ESFA. Please check that your Contract Manager has done this. You can find the contract on the Education and Skills Funding (ESF) portal. Your loan facility award should be visible ahead of launch on the LP Portal under Financial Home > Loan facility Details Report.
Please raise any queries about your funding allocation with the ESFA before signing the contract.

ESFA Advanced Learner Loans Funding Rules for academic year 2024/25

The ESFA has published the updated Advanced Learner Loans Funding Rules for 2024 to 2025. These include the performance management points outlining the review points, tolerances and minimum thresholds required to be in scope for a growth award.

You will see that the ESFA has moved the performance management review point 1 from September back to October, following provider feedback. This month will remain going forward.

Advanced Learner Loans Service Review Forums

We've completed our schedule of Service Review Forums. We'd like to thank those who attended these face-to-face events. By sharing experiences and contributing to the discussion you helped to make these valuable and successful.
You can find the slides under the Past Events section on the LP Services website.