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Academic year 2024/25 resources

We've updated the Payment and Drawdown calendar for 2024/25 outlining important dates in the cycle. Please share this with colleagues involved in the administration of attendance confirmations. You can view the updated calendar below.

Outstanding portal administration 2023/24

Please check the Payment Instalment Report (PIR) on the Financials Home tab of the LP Portal for both the current and previous academic years for any overdue admin tasks. Please also check your Change of Circumstance (CoC) worklist to ensure you've submitted all outstanding suspensions and withdrawals before the end of the 2023/24 academic year. This is to ensure you are complaint against the service standards, your learner loan liability is correct and you reduce any potential overpayments.

Advanced Learner Loan 2024/25 online application service is now open

The ALL 2024/25 online application service for courses starting from 1 August 2024 is now available. Learners will need their Learning and Funding Information Letter (LAFIL) to make an application. You must not issue LAFILs to learners until your loan facility is visible on the LP Portal. You can view and download the suggested EFSA LAFIL template below.

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Advanced Learner Loan bulletin - June 2024

Our bulletin for June has information about academic year 2024/25 updates.


Advanced Learner Loan - May 2024

Our bulletin for May has information about preparing for the AY24/25 launch, outstanding portal administration and training events.


General Election impact

Impact of the General Election announcement

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Attendance worklist

Instructions on how to use the attendance worklist in the LP Portal.

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Change of Circumstance

Creating pre- and post-liability CoCs

An introduction to creating Change of Circumstance notifications.

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Financial reports

Payment Instalment Report

An introduction to the payment instalment report and how to access it.

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ALL factsheet

Payment and drawdown calendar for academic year 2023/24

The calendar shows the attendance confirmation and payment dates in each month.

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