Published: 25/06/2021 · Last Updated: 25/06/2021

ALL bulletin – June 2021

Preparing for launch

Your learners will only be able to apply from 28 June if you have returned your AY 2021/22 loans contract to ESFA. Please check that this has been done and is visible on the Learning Provider Portal before service launch.

When you issue Learning and Funding Information Letters (LAFILs) to learners, please check that the learning aim is approved for funding in AY 2021/22. Please let learners know that they can only submit applications once the service launches on 28 June. We will mark any applications submitted before this as ineligible.

ESFA has updated the suggested LAFIL template for this year. You can view and download the template from GOV.UK.

EU learners – new arrangements

There have been significant changes to the rules and regulations around the rights of EU citizens and their family members to live, work or study in the UK.

In order to meet the new eligibility requirements, learners from the EU applying for courses starting in academic year 2021/22 must have settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).

The deadline for applications to EUSS is 30 June 2021. If you haven’t already done so, we would recommend checking that your existing learners from the EU have also applied to EUSS.

You can find more information in the EU exit and Advanced Learner Loans factsheet.

Paper application categories

Most learners will be able to apply online without any change to the current process. However, a small number of learners will be directed to submit a paper application when we first launch.

These categories will be:

  • child of a person of Northern Ireland
  • child of an Irish citizen
  • family member of a migrant worker

Enhancements to the Learning Provider Portal

Based on your feedback, we have added an enhancement to the Learning Provider Portal. Applications that have been in ‘awaiting validation’ status for 45 days will now be automatically cancelled.

Loan allocation monitoring

You are responsible for monitoring your loan allocation so that you do not exceed it. If you exceed your allocation, ESFA will ask us to put a block on approving any new applications.

You can use the financial reports on the Learning Provider Portal to monitor your loan allocation. You can find guidance in the Loan facility details chapter of the Learning Provider Portal user guide. If you have any questions about how to use these reports, please contact your FE account manager who will be happy to help.

Learning Provider Portal training

We have completed our schedule of Learning Provider Portal training events. All those who attended have received a copy of the presentation slides. We will also make a follow-up FAQ document available shortly.

We would like to thank those who attended. By sharing experiences and contributing to the discussion you helped to make these valuable and successful events.

There's still time to take part in the LP Services Satisfaction Survey

Our LP Services Satisfaction Survey will remain open until Wednesday 30 June. We would greatly appreciate your feedback, as it will help us to improve our service to you and learners.