Published: 3/07/2023 · Last Updated: 3/07/2023

Advanced Learner Loan bulletin - June 2023

Advanced Learner Loans training events and Service Review Forums

We've completed our schedule of Learning Provider Portal training events and Service Review Forums.
We'd like to thank those who attended these face-to-face events. By sharing experiences and contributing to the discussion you helped to make these valuable and successful.

Suspension policy

From academic year 2023/24 the maximum suspension period will revert from 18 months to 12 months. This will apply immediately for new learners. Learners who suspended their studies before 1 August 2023 should continue to have the 18-month suspension period applied. This is in line with the policy that was in effect when they suspended from their course and to reflect the policy response to COVID. All learners whose suspension begins on or after 1 August 2023 will be subject to the 12-month maximum suspension period.

Consent to share

Consent to Share (CtS) allows us to discuss a learner’s account (except for the bank details) with a third party without the need for the learner to be present during the call. The learner must provide us with the following details of their nominated learning provider:

  • learning provider name
  • their relationship to the learner - this should be set to the learning provider they are currently attending
  • password
  • end date for the CtS - if the learner is unsure what end date to apply to the CtS, you can suggest using the end date of their course.

The learning provider will have to call the ALL Learner Helpline on 0300 100 0619 and confirm the following:

  • learner name as shown on system
  • relationship to the learning provider
  • the CtS password - no variations can be accepted, must be exactly as detailed on the CtS

Changing a learner's end date

Please remember that you cannot change a learning aim end date once the date has passed. You must continue to track the learner's details, including the end date, ensuring they are still correct while they are in learning. Please submit any necessary changes before or by the end date held in the LP Portal.

Academic year 2023/24 Payment and Drawdown Calendar

We've updated the Payment and Drawdown calendar for 2023/24 outlining important dates in the cycle. Please share this with colleagues involved in the administration of attendance confirmations.

Further useful resources can be found in the guidance section of the website.