Published: 27/08/2021 · Last Updated: 27/08/2021

ALL bulletin – August 2021

Adherence to the service standards

Please check that your learners’ information is correct before you submit your initial attendance confirmations. For more information please see the Attendance section of the Learning Provider Portal user guide.

You should submit any available attendance confirmations by Thursday 9 September to ensure we can make payments on 15 September.

We will monitor your returns to ensure compliance with the service standards.

You should also submit all confirmations of non-attendance and Change of Circumstance notifications in plenty of time. This ensures that learners enter repayment at the correct time and that their funding is in line with their true entitlement.

Interest and repayment threshold

The Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed the annual updates to the interest rates and thresholds of income contingent student loans.

Changing a learner's end date

You cannot change a learning aim end date once the date has passed. The learner's application details, including the end date, must be correct:

  • before you confirm their initial attendance
  • while they are in learning

Housekeeping and security

You should expire the accounts of any users who no longer need access to the system. For example, they might have left their job or changed their role. This helps to ensure the security of the portal and learner data.

See Expiring user accounts for more information about how to do this