Published: 17/03/2023 · Last Updated: 17/03/2023

Lifelong Loan Entitlement consultation outcome

The government intends to introduce Lifelong Loan Entitlement (LLE) from the start of academic year 2025/26. This will provide a streamlined funding system for provision across levels 4 to 6.

It will give eligible learners an entitlement equivalent to 4 years of post-18 education funding. They’ll be able to use this for eligible full and modular courses across further and higher education. Loans for living costs and targeted grants will also be available for all designated courses under LLE.

It is our understanding that Advanced Learner Loans will continue to be available for learners on approved level 3 learning aims. Only levels 4 to 6 will move to LLE when it is introduced in 2025/26.

You can find more information in the recently published government consultation response on GOV.UK.