Published: 27/02/2024

Advanced Learner Loan bulletin - February 2024

Important – January performance management review point

In line with ESFA funding rules, you'll now have been notified of the outcome of the January review point.

If you've been awarded an increase to your loan facility, you'll receive an updated contract. You must digitally sign and return this to ESFA so they can tell us about the increase. If you return this by 5 March, you’ll see the increase on the LP Portal on 13 March.

You can find further information in the funding rules.


Advanced Learner Loans – Learning Provider Forums

We’ll be running a series of face to face and virtual forums in March 2024 where we will reflect on the current academic year and look towards academic year 2024/25. We’ll consider how the FE sector is evolving and cover the latest policy and process updates. You’ll have the opportunity to feed back on all areas of the Learning Provider and the SLC partnership as well as network with other providers. We’ll gather insight to feed back to DfE, ESFA and other partners and share best practice.

Dates and locations

12 March  Darlington - FULL
13 March  London - FULL
14 March  Birmingham
19 March  Manchester - FULL
20 March  Bristol
20 March  London - FULL
21 March  Darlington

You can find further information and register on our events website. 


Popular learning aims for 2023/24

We've compiled a list of the most popular learning aims for this academic year. If you'd like a copy to help you plan for academic year 2024/25, please contact your account manager.


Service standards – Accuracy

As part of the service standards, it’s important you meet not only the timescales set out against each standard, but also the submission accuracy. We refer to this as getting it ‘Right First Time’.
If you ever have a large volume of accuracy errors I'll be in touch, however as a reminder accuracy is measured under the following categories:


  • Initial Attendance Confirmation: Monitoring of withdrawal CoC’s after initial attendance confirmed - Target - 99% accuracy
  • Verification of Study: CoC’s after initial attendance confirmed - Target - 100% accuracy
  • Verification of Study: CoC’s after subsequent attendance confirmed - Target - 99% accuracy
  • Accuracy of Withdrawals: Reverse withdrawals in comparison to total withdrawals - Target - 99% accuracy

You can find further guidance on the service standards on the LP Services website.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Cyber-attacks or security incidents are becoming more frequent in the education sector. Some of these can result in the loss of our data or restricted access to our systems. This can affect our ability to make payments to our customers.
If there is a cyber-attack or security incident that affects your student data system so you cannot make data returns to us, you must contact your account manager within 24 hours of becoming aware of the incident.

You can find cyber-attack guidance on the LP Services website.