Published: 21/12/2021 · Last Updated: 21/12/2021

Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – December 2021

Advanced Learner Loans Service Review Forums

The Advanced Learner Loan forum programme for 2021 is now complete. Thank you to those of you who attended, we hope you found them useful. We'll be using your feedback to help shape our future events.

LP Services resources

Following feedback we received at the recent forums, we've included some quick links to our most popular resources on the LP Services website:

January performance management review point

We're approaching the second and final Advanced Learner Loan performance management review point for academic year 2021/22. This is on 14 January 2022. You'll need to have used 90% or more of your loan facility to be in scope for a growth award.

You can track your facility usage with the Loan Facility Details report. This is available in the Financials Home section of the Learning Provider Portal.

If you do not meet the criteria in paragraphs 167.1 to 167.5 of the funding rules but need growth, you should contact your ESFA territorial team lead. You should also complete the exceptional case template which will be available from 5 January. Completed forms should be returned by Friday 14 January.

Partners Support Desk festive opening hours

Our Partners Support Desk will be open as follows over Christmas and New Year:

  • Friday 24 December to Tuesday 28 December – closed
  • Wednesday 29 December to Thursday 30 December – 10am to 4pm
  • Friday 31 December to Tuesday 4 January – closed

The support desk will return to business as usual on 5 January 2022.