Published: 30/09/2022 · Last Updated: 30/09/2022

Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – September 2022

Academic year 2022/23 house keeping

Many of your learners will have started or soon be starting their loan funded courses. We've included a checklist in preparation for the release of timely loan payments: 
  • are all learning aim details, including start and end date, correct?
  • has the learner entered the correct fee amount and applied for the correct loan amount?
  • have you submitted the appropriate change of circumstance, if needed?
  • have you entered ULNs to allow us to make payments?
  • have you confirmed attendances for new and returning learners?
It's important that the information for each learner is correct before you submit the initial attendance confirmation. You must enter this within six weeks of the learning aim start date. If an application is approved more than four weeks after the learning aim start date, you must confirm attendance within two weeks of the approval date.

Please remember to check your CoC worklist and payment instalment report. This will make sure outstanding admin tasks are completed for previous academic years.

Attendance confirmations

You must submit any outstanding attendance confirmations for learners currently in study by close of business on 13 October. This will make sure you receive payment on 19 October. You also need to make any required changes to learners' circumstances by 13 October.

For more information please see the payment and drawdown section of the Learning Provider Portal user guide.

We monitor your returns to make sure you're complying with the service standards.

September performance management review point

In line with Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) funding rules, you'll find out the outcome of the September review point the week commencing 10 October.

If you're being awarded an increase to your loan facility, you'll receive an updated contract. You must digitally sign this before ESFA will tell us about the increase. Please do this as soon as possible.

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