Published: 23/02/2023 · Last Updated: 23/02/2023

Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – February 2023

Important – Change of Circumstance notifications

It is vital that you submit suspensions and withdrawals as soon as the change details are finalised. You should follow the service standard requirements below:

  • 60% of suspension and withdrawal CoCs submitted within 60 days of notification
  • 99% of suspension and withdrawal CoCs submitted within 90 days of notification

This helps to minimise overpayments and ensure learners enter repayment at the correct time with the correct rate of interest. It also ensures that you are not in breach of Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) funding rules.

Popular Learning Aims for 2022/23

We've compiled a list of the most popular learning aims for this academic year. If you'd like a copy to help you plan for academic year 2023/24, please contact your FE Account Manager.

Academic staff workshops

Following feedback from the seminars at the end of last year, we're now able to offer a workshop for your academic staff. 

This will cover service standard requirements, the impact of non-compliance and sharing examples of good practice. The aim is to help your academic staff understand the importance of their role in ensuring that your organisation is compliant.

If you'd like to arrange a face-to-face or online workshop, please let your FE Account Manager know. This can be a standalone session or built into a staff development day.

Are your contract manager details up to date?

Please check that your contract manager details on the Learning Provider Portal are correct. You can find these on the Learning Provider Details page. This will show the information ESFA has given us about your organisation.

If anything is incorrect, you should update this on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP). This is the portal for government departments, agencies, learners and employers to share information about learning providers.

You can find more information in the Updating provider details and Contract details chapters of the Learning Provider Portal user guide.