Published: 28/01/2022 · Last Updated: 28/01/2022

Advanced Learner Loan bulletin – January 2022

January performance management review point

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) is reviewing its criteria for growth awards. They are due to notify providers of the outcome of the review point by week commencing 7 February. Some of you may be eligible for this.

If you qualify for the growth award, please send a digitally signed version of your contract to ESFA. This means we'll be notified of the increase as soon as possible.

February fixed quarter – drawdown deadline 10 February

You need to submit attendance confirmations by Thursday 10 February to ensure payment on Wednesday 16 February. This will allow us to release payments for learners who have a positive attendance confirmation. If you confirm attendance after the drawdown date, we will make the payment the following month.

You should also submit confirmations of non-attendance and notifications of any change of circumstances as soon as you can. This will ensure learners enter repayment at the correct time and their funding matches their true entitlement.

Please be aware of the service standard requirement of 85% of learner attendance confirmations to be provided by the payment drawdown date.

If you need further information about submitting your attendance confirmations, please take a look at the Learning Provider Portal guidance.

FE Account Manager change

Jon Legg has moved on from his role as FE Account Manager for the North of England. Until the role is filled, please contact your interim FE Account Manager for any urgent queries, general advice, and escalations.

Academic year 2022/23 allocations

If you are delivering a course after February, please talk to your ESFA Territory Lead about it. Academic year 2022/23 allocations are being assessed on the basis of your academic year 2021/22 spend. This will be up to and including February 2022. Any allocation spent after February might not be included. Talking to your territory lead will ensure your academic year 2022/23 allocation is not negatively affected by this.

Suspensions and withdrawals

It is important that you submit suspensions and withdrawals as soon as the change details are finalised, and within the timelines set out in the Service Standards. This ensures that learners enter repayment at the correct time and that their funding is in line with their true entitlement.

LP Services resources

Following feedback we received at the recent service review forums, we have included some quick links to our most popular resources on the LP Services website below:

Payment and drawdown calendar

Financial reports

Access to HE write-off

You can find all of the resources in the guidance section of this website.