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Change of circumstance

Learner Change of Circumstance factsheet

This factsheet will tell you how learners can submit online Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs) through their online accounts.

The options learners see on the My Account page depend on their application status and whether it is pre- or post-liability.

An application is in pre-liability stage if you have not confirmed attendance yet. At this stage, learners can change any details about their course and loan. They can also cancel the application. We will check that their changes comply with policy. For example, the amount of loan required cannot be less than £300.

If you have already confirmed attendance, the application is in post-liability stage. At this stage, learners can only change the loan amount. They will also see the option to suspend or withdraw, but this will direct them to contact their learning provider.

Learners will have a Change this application link on their My Account page. 

My account page with the Change this application link highlighted

This will take them to the Change application page. When online CoCs are available, this page will have links to make changes to their: 

  • course, university or college details
  • Advanced Learner Loan amount

It will also say that if they need to make any other changes, they should complete and send us a Change of Circumstances form.

Change application page with links to change course or provider details, change the loan amount, or go to the Change of Circumstance form. 

Selecting the link to change course, university or college details, or the link to change the loan amount will open the Your course and loan page. This will list the answers the learner gave to questions about their:

  • provider details
  • course
  • course start date
  • course end date
  • expected fee
  • amount of loan required

To change any of the answers, they should select the Change this answer link next to the relevant details.

Your course and loan page listing provider and course details with links to change these answers.

If the learner's application status means online CoCs are not available, the Change application page will only show the link to the Change of Circumstances form. The learner will need to complete the paper form and send it to us.

Change this application page showing only the link to the Change of Circumstances form.

Learners can also update their contact details in the Your profile mini app. The link to this is at the top of the My Account page.

Your profile page with the Your profile link at the top of the page highlighted.

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