Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 24 Feb 2021

Change of circumstance

Withdrawal CoC and course fees factsheet

A learner's liability for an Advanced Learner Loan is directly linked to how long they have attended. So, unless you have decided to charge no fees at all, you should not reduce the course fee when a learner withdraws. Our Learning Provider Portal and Operations Portal will use the effective date of the Withdrawal Change of Circumstance (CoC) to calculate how much loan you are due.

Withdrawal CoCs will occur when a learner has to leave the learning aim. There may be several reasons for this. They could be moving to another learning aim that is ineligible for transfer. They could also be changing learning provider or leaving learning altogether.

When a learner withdraws, you should record the effective date of the change as their last date of attendance. 

If you want to reduce the course fee to less than the calculated liability, please contact your FE account manager

For further information on processing this and other types of CoCs, please see the Learning Provider Portal user guide.

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