Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Loan payments

Circumstances affecting payment

Early completion

If a learner completes their learning aim early and you submit an Early Completion CoC, we will pay all of the outstanding loan the month after the early completion date.

Extending the learning aim end date

If you submit a Change of Learning Aim CoC which extends the learner’s end date, we will update the payment schedule to match the new end date.


In some cases, you may receive an overpayment. For example, this can happen if you do not submit a Withdrawal or Suspension CoC until after we have made a payment.

We will offset any overpayments against the next payment we make to you.

Unique Learner Reference Number

The Unique Learner Reference Number (ULN) is a mandatory field and you must enter this for all your learners.

Without a ULN, the learner will not be added to the attendance worklist and you will not be able to confirm their attendance.

This means we will not be able to make their loan payments.

Loan reduction

A learner will not be able to reduce their loan to less than what we have already paid you.

However, you can submit a CoC to reduce a learner’s fee and loan if appropriate.

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