Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Loan payments

Payment schedule

When a learner’s application is approved, we create a payment schedule for the learner. Payments are scheduled on a flat monthly profile, based on the initial liability point and the learning aim end date.

You can view a learner’s payment schedule in the Current Payment Schedule and Attendance section of the Detailed Learner Information page.

The schedule will show the following information:

Scheduled Payment Date           

The date when the instalment is scheduled to be paid.

Actual Payment Date   

The date when we made the payment to you.

Payment Amount          

The instalment amount that we will pay you.

Payment Status

The status of the payment:

  • scheduled
  • in progress
  • paid
  • failed

Attendance Confirmation Date

The date by which you need to confirm the learner’s attendance.

Attendance Confirmation Status

The attendance confirmation status:

  • awaiting confirmation
  • in attendance
  • not in attendance
  • change start date

Submitted By   

The details of the user who submitted the attendance confirmation.

An image of the payment schedule and attendance tab open in the learner detailed information page with the attendance confirmation status highlighted in red.

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