Version 3 - Last Updated: 18 Feb 2021

Loan payments

Late loan application

A learner can apply for a loan at any point until the end of their learning aim.

If a learner applies late, we will still schedule the loan across the entire length of the learning aim. However, the first payment will include the payments that we would have made if the application had been in place from the start of the learning aim.

For example, if a learner starts a 10-month learning aim with a tuition fee of £1000 on 1 August, but does not apply for a loan until October, the attendance confirmation and payment schedule will be as follows:

August – No attendance confirmation – No payment

September – No attendance confirmation – No payment

October – Confirmed from aim start – £300

November – Confirmed – £100

December – Assumed – £100

January – Assumed – £100

February – Confirmed – £100

March – Assumed – £100

April –   Assumed – £100

May –  Confirmed – £100

Interest will accrue from the point we make a payment to you.

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