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Financial reports

Payment instalment report academic year view

Select the relevant academic year, then select Display Details. This page will default to the current academic year. The report is only available from academic year 2017/18 onwards.

An image of the payment instalment report academic view.

Viewing the payment instalment report

The payment instalment report has 2 separate tables:

  • approved for payment
  • not approved for payment

The report will show the details as they were at the close of business the night before.

An image of the payment instalment report.

Approved for payment

The approved for payment table has 4 main sections:

  • paid
  • scheduled with attendance confirmed
  • scheduled awaiting attendance confirmation
  • approved awaiting signature

The paid, scheduled with attendance confirmed and scheduled awaiting attendance confirmation figures include applications that are approved, suspended or withdrawn. 

A further breakdown of the sections shows whether the application has a missing ULN, National Insurance number or both.

The paid section is filled once the payment run begins and not on the actual payment date.

If you confirm a learner’s attendance with N (not in attendance) or with C (not in attendance because their start has moved to a later date), the learner is removed from the attendance worklist and will show on the CoC worklist.

However, the loan amount for these learners will still show under the attendance confirmation only required subsection, until you submit the appropriate CoC.

The approved awaiting signature section shows applications where we have not yet received the Online Declaration Form. This section supersedes the missing ULN and National Insurance number sections.

The approved for payment table contains 4 further sections:

  • total
  • offset
  • facility
  • percentage usage of facility

The total row is the sum of all the instalments in the rows above.

The offset value is any money your organisation owes. It matches the offset in the loan position report.

The facility value is the value we receive from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for that academic year. For example, for AY 2017/18 it ran from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018. This value matches that on the Loan Facility Details page.

The percentage usage of facility is the value taken from the Loan Facility Details page. If the percentage is no higher than 80%, the field will be green. If it is between 81% and 94%, the field will be amber. At 95% or over it will be red. These amounts will appear in the year to date (YTD) column.

Exporting a csv report

  1. Select Export CSV Report.
  2. Enter a filename.
  3. Select Export Report.

An image of the export report button in the payment instalment report page.

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