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Remittance report

Remittance export

You can export remittance files in xml or csv format. To export remittance reports, check the checkboxes next to the files that you want to export.

An image of the remittance report summary with the export tick boxes on the right of the page, export xml and export csv buttons under the summarised data.

The export file contains the following information.

Payment identifier

The unique identifier for a payment.

Payment date

The date the payment was made.

Payment Amount

The total of the individual payment and recoveries on the remittance file.

Offset Recovered

Offset amounts are negative amounts which are clawed back historically due to overpayments made, and which cannot be recovered by payments you are due in that month.

Payment Status

The status of the payment:

  • in progress
  • paid
  • failed

Learner Surname

The surname of the learner.

Learner Forename

The forename of the learner.

Date of Birth

The learner’s date of birth.


The learner’s Unique Learner Number (ULN).

Additional Learner Reference Number (if used)

The learner’s Additional Learner Reference Number.

Payment Amount

The total paid to you on behalf of this learner.

Application ID

The ID associated with the application.

Course Trainer

This is optional information that LP Administrators can edit.

Course Location

This is optional information that LP Administrators can edit.

Provider Group

This is optional information that you can edit.

Instalment Date

The date the instalment was due to be paid.

Instalment Amount

The amount that we paid or recovered for this instalment date.


For full details of the format of this file, please see 'Schema Definition – ALL Payments Export Schema'. If you need a copy please email

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