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Current assessment

The Current Assessment section shows details of the current assessment for the learner.

An image of the Current Assesment section from the Detailed Learner Information in the LP Portal.

Assessment Date           

This is the date of the last assessment which resulted in the current assessment outcome.

CoC Types         

Details of any Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs) associated with the current assessment.

Fee Amount     

The fee the learner has stated on their application.

Loan Amount Requested           

The amount of loan the learner has requested.

Entitlement Amount     

The amount of loan the learner is eligible for. 

We use the following information to calculate how much loan a learner is entitled to:

  • the fee amount
  • the maximum funding rate for the course
  • the loan amount the learner has requested

We will pay the lowest of the 3 amounts and this amount will be shown here.

Balance Payable            

If the fee stated on the application is more than the loan the learner has requested or is entitled to, the balance payable will show here.

Submitted By   

If you have submitted a CoC to generate the current assessment, this will show the username of the person who submitted that CoC.

If the assessment was generated from another source this will show 'SLC' or 'Learner'.

Learning Aim Details     

A hyperlink that opens a popup with more information about the current learning aim.

Learning Aim    

The learning aim as provided by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).


The learning aim reference as provided by ESFA.

Learning Aim Type        

Type of qualification.

Learning Aim Level        

Level of qualification.

Start date          

Learning aim start date.

End date            

Learning aim end date.

Course Trainer 

Course trainer if provided.

Course Location             

Course location if provided.

An image of the Learning Aim details popup open in the Detailed Learner Information page in the LP Portal.

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